Morocco Ramadan Timetable 2019: Calendar Fasting, Prayer Timing

Morocco Ramadan Timetable 2020: Calendar Fasting, Prayer Timing

Do you want to experience the spirit of Ramadan in Morocco? Then yes, like other countries, the preparations and hospitality are clearly evident in Ramadan. With the dawn prayer, right after Fajr signals to begin fasting is heard in the almost entire city. Ramadan is the Holy month in the Islamic calendar. It is the 9th month but Ramadan actually moves 11 days earlier every year because of Gregorian and Lunar calendars differences. The 2020 Ramadan will be in the month of May and July. In Morocco, fast is surely long because of hot and sweltering afternoons. So if you are a resident of Morocco, we assure that you won’t miss the fast with our Morocco Ramadan timetable 2020.

Morocco Ramadan Timetable 2020

Morocco Ramadan Timetable 2020 is mentioned below along with Morocco Sehr and Iftar time. So do not miss your fast this year. Set your alarms right away.


(SEHR-O-IFTAR TIME – اوقات سحر و افطار)

1Mon 06 May05:13 AM8:53 PM
2Tues 07 May05:12 AM8:54 PM
3Wed 08 May05:10 AM8:55 PM
4Thu 09 May05:08 AM8:56 PM
5Fri 10 May05:07 AM8:57 PM
6Sat 11 May05:05 AM8:58 PM
7Sun 12 May05:04 AM8:59 PM
8Mon 13 May05:03 AM9:00 PM
9Tue 14 May05:01 AM9:01 PM
10Wed 15 May05:00 AM9:02 PM
11Thu 16 May04:59 AM9:03 PM
12Fri 17 May04:57 AM9:04 PM
13Sat 18 May04:56 AM9:04 PM
14Sun 19 May04:55 AM9:05 PM
15Mon 20 May04:53 AM9:06 PM
16Tue 21 May04:52 AM9:07 PM
17Wed 22 May04:51 AM9:08 PM
18Thu 23 May04:50 AM9:09 PM
19Fri 24 May04:49 AM9:10 PM
20Sat 25 May04:48 AM9:11 PM
21Sun 26 May04:47 AM9:12 PM
22Mon 27 May04:46 AM9:13 PM
23Tue 28 May04:45 AM9:13 PM
24Wed 29 May04:44 AM9:14 PM
25Thu 30 May04:43 AM9:15 PM
26Fri 31 May04:42 AM9:16 PM
27Sat 01 June04:42 AM9:16 PM
28Sun 02 June04:41 AM9:17 PM
29Mon 03 June04:40 AM9:18 PM
30Tue 04 June04:40 AM9:19 PM

Fasting in Morocco

Muslims need to observe fast during Ramadan known as SAWM that is entailed from dawn to dusk. An individual needs to abstain himself from smoking, liquids, foods, or even from sexual relation. Fast is indeed a time for reflection of oneself and the Holy month is for charity, atonement, and only prayer. It is the only month when all rewards are multiplied for good deeds.

Ramadan activity in Morocco

Fast is observed during the daylight time and is broken with dates or sweets. All of the non-tourists eating places remain closed till dusk. Non-Muslim tourists need to respect local and Islamic customs. They just need to restrain from consuming water and food in public places mainly during day time. It is advised to avoid smoking as well. Yes, everyone can visit Morocco during the Holy month of Ramadan but it might be possible that service in different places may not be up to the standards especially during the fast timings.

  •    All of the non-tourist places remain closed till dusk.
  •    Sights and museums will also close early.
  •    Shops will open late in mornings and close early.
  •    Alcohol may not be available in hotels and restaurants.

Ramzan Food Preparations in Morocco

Iftaar is termed as FTOUR in Morocco and the same word is used for breakfast.  Sweets, juices, milk, dates and sugary items fulfill the surge after an entire day with a fast. A heart lentil is known as HARIRA, and a tomato soup helps to satisfy hunger and also provides energy to the human body. Fried fish, savory or sweet filled pastries, hard-boiled eggs, flatbreads, and even pancakes are enjoyed during iftaar time.

CHEBEKIA and SELLOU are traditional sweets which are prepared for the entire month while other new recipes are tried and made during Ramadan as well. Hence, large family gatherings, community gatherings and even in extended family feasts tagine is prepared and served with crusty bread known as KHOBZ, mint tea, and fresh fruit.

Changes experienced during Ramadan

During the month of Ramadan, most of the restaurants and shops remain closed and all of the opening and closing hours are revised. All banks, national monuments, and even parks timings are changed in Morocco. If you plan to visit Morocco at the beginning of Ramadan month, or at the end of the month, do not forget to change the clocks because time will get backward at the beginning and forward at the end with a change of one hour.

During the fast timings or from 7 PM to 9 PM it is better not to expect a lot from the citizens of Morocco because people prefer to break their fast at home and offer final prayers as well. Afterward, all shops and restaurants will open and attract tourists or visitors, especially in summer. People do stay awake late and have dinner at midnight or around 11 PM.

Hence, nights or days will get flipped but your trip will be leisurely in Morocco.


Ramadan in Morocco brings unique yet amazing challenging know-how to all visitors. It offers great cultural as well as a learning practice for all visitors and tourists which is indeed difficult to imitate. Hence, your experience or Ramadan in Morocco offers a great cultural experience which enables you to enjoy Ramadan with the flow and makes fasting a great time to enjoy.

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