Merry Christmas Poems for Family & Friends – Poems and Rhymes for Christmas

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In today’s age, we are busy with Christmas images coming from social media. We’re told it’s about buying expensive gifts for everyone. In today’s tough times, it’s a disaster that parents are investing far more than they can afford to try to make their children happy. The sad reality is that “money cannot buy love”. Holidays are time spent with loved ones together. And if a gift is not possible, then a poem can work magic too.

Poem 1

Mama told me a story a long, long time ago, not like the ones I’ve ever heard,

all about a little girl mom knew, how i remember every word.

Seems like there is a life, even though I remember it so well.

It was Christmas Eve that I will never forget as far as I know.

We were seated at the kitchen table, it was just my mother and me.

I dreamed of Christmas morning and all the presents under the tree.

Dad was not doing very well and money was tight that year.

Mom found a way to tell me without shedding a tear.

She told me the story of a little girl and a Christmas long ago,

which came from afar, from a place where it rarely snowed.

Santa was just a dream for her, but she believed so much inside,

that Christmas was going to be special, so she knelt by her bed and cried.

“Lord, may Father Christmas remember me if not just this time.

I promise I won’t ask for much, maybe a cart that I can call all of my own.

Merry Christmas poems for family and friends

She finished her prayer and thanked the Lord for all she received.

She knew that Santa Claus would really come if only she believed in it.

She wrote a letter to Santa Claus, unknown to most girls and boys.

Although her list was long and comprehensive, there weren’t any toys on it.

Only things we take for granted, like new shoes or underwear,

hair curls for her sisters and gloves to warm the hands of her brothers.

At the bottom of her list she asked, if it’s not too much,

for a brand new doll that she could hold, love and touch.

Then Christmas morning came and she looked under her tree,

Not a present to find as far as she can see.

She did not give up hope when she heard a knocking sound.

When she opened her door, she found a very large box.

She called her mother and father, her siblings too,

She said, “My prayers have been answered, there is something here for all of you.

Merry Christmas Poems for family and friends - Poems and nursery rhymes for Christmas

Her daddy has had new boots, her mother new boxers, her sisters have beautiful hair bows, her brothers warm gloves for their hands.

Buried deep under the box was a brand new doll and a note saying, “Merry Christmas, I love you all.”

I will never forget this story because to my surprise,

I saw the real meaning of Christmas shine in my mother’s eyes.

For those of you who are wondering, like you don’t know,

The little girl in mom’s story was my mom a long time ago.

Merry Christmas poems for family and friends

Poem 2

The nights are long and cold, the sun is barely present.

Christmas time is approaching and snow will soon be covering the ground.

The trees and the lights are twinkling, the stockings are hanging.

The spirit of Christmas is everywhere, as Christmas carols are sung.

This year, Christmas is not the same, just an annual memory.

This house is no longer a house, because you are not here with me.

There will be sadness; there will be tears when we wake up on Christmas day,

‘Cause it’ll be the first without you, oh how I wish Heaven was just a mile away.

As we sit around the Christmas tree the emotions will be sad,

Gifts for them, gifts for me, but none of them will say PAPA.

All I want for Christmas is to see your smiling face,

I know it can’t happen because you are in a better place.

Please … daddy ring for me on Christmas day,

So I will know that you have your wings and that you are doing well.

I don’t look forward to Christmas, but I know it’s something I have to experience.

I hope there is Christmas in Heaven, because it’s not the same here without you.

Merry Christmas poems for family and friends

Poem 3

One night I saw a snowflake fall,

Past memories that he recalled,

And as the snow fell to the ground,

So quietly without a sound,

I watched until a cover was made

The shimmering brown and white earth faded.

A blanket untouched until dawn,

the sun rose, it soon disappeared.

I thought of friendships in the past,

Seemed perfect even though they didn’t last.

And family ties once meant so much,

Now we rarely keep in touch.

So quickly life can take a turn

Yet slowly we seem to learn,

So many things in life can change,

And suddenly be rearranged.

In our sleep while we sleep,

For blessings bestowed that we think we keep,

Because just as night turns into morning,

An intact blanket can tear,

The things that we have neglected,

Ignored, rejected or confused,

As sleet turns to sleet,

Relationships can turn to dust.

So this year for the Holidays,

Praise God for the blessings given today.

Don’t take for granted that they will stay,

This life will always be the same.

Let’s be as much as possible,

For all of our friends and family.

Unlike the snowflake on the ground,

Let’s keep in touch and keep in touch.


Merry Christmas Poems for family and friends - Poems and nursery rhymes for Christmas

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