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Ramadan Mubarak Images 2019 – Ramzan Wallpaper 2019 Download

Ramadan Mubarak Pictures 2020 – Ramzan Wallpaper 2020 Download: Ramadan is a blessed month, Muslims fast all month because it is obligatory (fardh) to fast for all adults (baligh) Muslims, Muslims eat at seher the time that ends before the beginning of the morning prayer (Fajr), but as a precaution, you stop eating or drinking, etc. at least 10 to 15 minutes before, and many cards are printed and distributed. card that has the right timing and stop eat drink before this time. Although in some areas there is a siren system, there would be announcement by Masjids in the form or the siren to stop eating or drinking and start fasting.

It was the information on fasting, and now, when we talk about the happiness of the Muslims, they are very happy when the month of Ramadan arrives, because they have been waiting for it for a long time, because it's been 11 months, because their rewards (sawab) are increased and fasting gives them more satisfaction. When the blessed month begins, Muslims greet each other saying "Happy Ramadan", etc., or the same words having the same meaning in their own languages ​​as in Urdu or Hindi, it is commonly called & # 39; Ramzan Mubarak & # 39 ;. in many countries like India etc.

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And for those who wish to greet their family or friends but who are far away, it is difficult to reach them, which would take a lot of time. They would therefore prefer social networks like WhatsApp. Good ramadan or, if they have an image (on which are written good things), it will be sent. To whom he is sent, can also answer by saying "the same for you" is exchange greetings. Many people can also increase their incomes during the month of Ramadan thanks to the good sources, without worrying about the income or the amount, they are happy to have had the blessed month of Ramadan.

In particular, children who also have a lot of happiness about Ramadan, also want to fast and those who use a laptop or a desktop computer may want to keep their screen background of "Ramadan" Mubarak & # 39 ;. Here we share some of the images, photos and backgrounds that you can use and keep as a screen on your device, but also take care to take care ofadab& # 39; (the respect). You can share the pictures of "Happy Ramadan" with your WhatsApp story, as well as mailbox to your parents, friends, etc. Instead of simply conveying the image, we also suggest at type something of your own (if you have the time and do not have any other problems) as it would do or it may look better with the image.

This happiness can not be expressed in words, many Muslims also prefer to greet each other with a direct phone call, etc., which is another easy and convenient way to do the same. If you want to share something good with us, then good comments are always appreciated. You can leave them in the comments section. We will be able to read and try to answer, if possible, and make sure to bookmark this website for more updates and easier access to the website and share it with your friends, family, etc.

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