Wedding Wishes for Son : Wedding Messages and Prayers

Wedding Wishes for Son : Wedding Messages and Prayers

Wedding messages for the son: As a parent, it's a blessing to see your son become the bridegroom and bring his soul mate into his life and home. Nothing can make this special occasion happier than the marriage wishes of parents to a son. Your warmest wishes will create a feeling of aloha and appreciation and make him more confident for his new life that he will start with his life partner. The wedding vows of the parents to the groom and the bride contain endless love and positive vibrations. Send your son sincere blessings, prayers, congratulations through one of our wonderful wishes and wedding messages and let his confidence level increase by showing him that he enjoys your support for his decision .

Wedding vows for sons

Dear Son, the day of your marriage comes and goes; but all I wish is that you have boundless love and happiness throughout life.

May you both be strong enough to face all the obstacles and hurts of your life with a smile on your face and love in your heart!

No matter the situation, may God make your life full of satisfaction, love and faith for one another!

My whole dream has come true to see you as a groom, Buddy always knows that all my best wishes are with you two.

I am so happy that you have found the true love of your life and that this love will flourish each season!

May you keep all the promises and promises you made to your future life partner and be kind to her!

A loving life partner is the essence of a happy life and I am delighted that you have reached this vital element!

That you are both the happiest couple of all time and that your whole life is filled with respect, love and happiness!

Messages from mother to son on his wedding day

The first time I held the little one in my arms, I wanted a sure hand that takes care of you and sees that it has become a reality today!

May you be kind, generous and understanding towards your wife whatever the situation!

Through marriage, you are united in a promise to help, to be tender and to give and take. May you both keep that!

Messages From mother to son-of-a-wedding-day

You are now promised to share your life together and I wish you to continue doing it with love forever. May you always love and love your life partner!

Let me tell you the secret of a happy married life, it's just being moderate, kind, undemanding, caring and loving toward your mate.

Know my heartfelt blessings on this special day that is associated with him and that this day brings more happiness in the days to come!

Messages from father to son on his wedding day

Dear friend, life without a good wife is like a body without a soul. I hope your wife will be the best!

Congratulations, Son, and I wish you a happy and prosperous couple life that lasts forever!

All our best wishes are for you both, welcome to your new life form and hope that all positive feelings will come in holding the hand of luck!

Messages From Father-Son-In-On-The-Day Wedding

From your childhood to your old age, I pray for your happiness and we are ready to accept this person who is your happiness!

May you both be the example of a loving and caring couple and be the strength of the other.

Congratulations, Son, for the best day of your life when you found your soul mate, as I once did, I found your mother!

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Greetings for the wedding of a friend's son

You will always be the same more expensive than previous years for me. I wish you my most cordial greetings for your wedding. May God bless you with immense love!

Congratulations on this remarkable day of your life. May your love grow every day of your marriage!

Receive my warmest greetings the day of your wedding and your love is the same until the last moment of your life.

All the warmest wishes to you and your wife. My God makes your love immortal and endless!

Congratulations on your son's wedding. May his married life be completed by love, understanding and romance!

Greetings for the wedding of a friend's son

Just as our friendship, all I wish your son will also have a friend through his life partner and will be rewarded with love!

A love pack, a spoonful of understanding and endless love – that your son's wedding is awesome with all these ingredients!

May God fulfill all the expectations you and your son have of his marriage and be your daughter-in-law!

Know my sincere blessings for your son's marriage. May his life overflow with romance, love, respect and joy!

I remember all the preparations you made with me for your son's wedding! I wish him a good life as a couple.

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With the help of these examples of wedding messages, creating the perfect personalized wedding wishes that shine in the spotlight should not be difficult at all. We hope you now have the right ideas on what to write on a wedding card to wish and bless your son on his happy wedding day. Use these wedding wishes for your son or for someone you consider as your son to offer your congratulations.

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