Calling It Quits: When to Get a Divorce (And How to Best Prepare)

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Getting a divorce is certainly not an easy option. Unfortunately, there are many people who believe that a divorce is a quick fix, but it can be far more complicated. It’s a difficult decision to decide when to get a divorce.

If you’re wondering if it’s time to call it quits, take a look at some of the common signs and tips on how to best prepare for going forward with a divorce.

What Are the Signs?

The signs that your marriage is over are not that dissimilar to the signs that any other relationship is over. The feelings and experiences that signal a relationship coming to an end will be different for everyone, but here are some of the common reasons.

You’re Thinking About It

If you’re thinking about getting a divorce there’s often a reason for it. It’s often one of the main signs of divorce is imminent. Perhaps you feel unfulfilled in the relationship or that you’ve fallen out of love with your partner. It’s important to follow your gut instincts in situations like this.


If you are your partner have been unfaithful in the relationship, you may feel like there’s no going back. Some couples are able to work through infidelity via marriage counseling, but it’s the biggest reason for divorce since divorce became legal.

Lack of Communication

Perhaps you’ve tried your best to save your relationship but you aren’t getting any help from your partner. There will certainly be times when couples aren’t communicating well, but if it prolongs, it can make you feel lonely. You may have come to a point where you feel there’s no longer a reason to stay in the relationship.

There are many signs that marriage should end, but the decision should never be taken lightly. It’s wise to get some advice from divorce attorneys before making any plans. If you decide you want to pursue a divorce, here are a few ways you can prepare.

Preparing for Divorce

There are many ways you can and should prepare yourself and your family for divorce. No matter how peacefully you plan you make the process, it will always be more difficult than you assume.

Here are a few ways you can prepare for what the future may hold.

Know Your Options

When divorce is right and both parties are convinced they’re doing the right thing, you may have a fairly amicable relationship. That often means that you have options in front of you. You could settle your divorce outside of court, without the need to hire solicitors and so forth.

However, there aren’t many couples that can pull this off without a hitch. Another option is to have solicitors mediate so you can come to an agreement with the help of other people’s involvement.

If your relationship breakdown wasn’t amicable and you feel you won’t be able to communicate with your spouse, you may need to settle your divorce in court. Knowing all of your options will help you decide what’s best for you and your family.

What Do You Want?

Deciding what you want isn’t about taking your spouse for everything they’ve got. It’s about making wise decisions about your future finances, so you and your children don’t have to struggle. Before divorce proceedings start, you need to take a look at your finances.

Instead of just throwing a figure out there, talk to a financial adviser and work out what your income and outgoings are. You’ll need to know how much money you need to live reasonably well.

Don’t Hide

The flip side of divorce is that you may not want the relationship to end. If the decision to get a divorce has come out of the blue, you may be feeling incredibly hurt, which can make the whole thing difficult to face.

If you’re being forced into a divorce, it’s important not to bury your head in the sand. A divorce is a two-person process and you have to be involved. Allowing it to slowly progress without you may end up being a big regret.

Even if you don’t want a divorce, making sure you get the best deal from the divorce will allow you to move on much more successfully.

When to Get a Divorce When You’re Angry

Anger can make you do and say stupid things. So, is it really wise to divorce when you’re still angry? Although it’s okay for proceeding to take place, you’ll need to make sure you have a lot of support in place.

Having friends and family around you who can give you good advice will help you keep your integrity during the divorce. Make sure you don’t write anything about your spouse or your divorce on social media and protect your children by venting when they aren’t around.

Try to rise above any spiteful moves your spouse might make in an effort to get a reaction. The best thing you can do is try and stay calm and think about making the best of your future.

Be Prepared to Make Decisions

One of the most overwhelming things about getting a divorce is the number of decisions you’ll have to make. You’ll need to think about the future and your children’s future and you’ll be asked to foresee what you’ll need. That isn’t an easy feat for anyone.

Instead of focusing on being the one in the right or tripping up your spouse, stay focused on what will be best for you in the long run. Remember, there is no winner when it comes to divorce. Don’t be pressured into answering questions on the spot- take your time and make the right decisions.

How to Have a Peaceful Divorce

A peaceful and amicable divorce is the dream for every divorcing couple. No-one wants to go through the aggravation and emotional turmoil of a nasty divorce. So, how can you divorce peacefully?

Keep Lines of Communication Open

Even if you each choose your own representation, it doesn’t mean you can’t talk to each other. Sometimes, things can get lost in translation when there are lots of people involved in a divorce, so cut out the middle man.

Try and keep your emotions in check and take some time out to just talk to each other and motivate your partner to be amicable. Not only is it a great way to understand why the relationship deteriorated but it also gives you the chance to agree on how to move forward.

One of the best reasons to keep communicating is for your children. If your children can see their parents still communicating well, it will allow them to keep their sense of security.

Talk to Children Beforehand

It’s one thing for a divorce to come out of the blue for a spouse; it’s another thing for it to come out of the blue for children. Depending on the age of your children, they could go through several different emotions.

They may feel like they’ve done something wrong or the divorce is their fault. They may feel sad that they’ll spend less time with each parent. They may become withdrawn from school and friends.

Talking to your children as a couple, in a safe and loving environment will help them to understand what’s going on. It will also help them to prepare themselves for what’s to come and know that their relationship with each parent won’t change.

Make Pre-Negotiations

If each partner goes into the divorce knowing exactly who gets what and what to expect, there will be no unwelcome surprises. Sitting down with your spouse and going through your finances as a couple and what your finances will be after the divorce, will give you a better idea of what is fair.

If you can work out what each of your needs, without any intervention, you’re well on your way to a peaceful divorce.

Accept What’s Happening

You can’t have an amicable divorce unless you’re willing to move on. If you go into your divorce feeling bitter over the situation, things could get ugly. Before divorce proceedings take place, take some time to come to terms with what’s happening.

Taking that time will mean you can approach your divorce from a different perspective. Accepting the situation and the fact that your future isn’t going to be what you’ve planned for, for years, can be difficult. It can feel like you’re grieving for the loss of a loved one, but it’s a necessary process to go through.

Getting a Divorce: Make Smart Choices 

No matter what the circumstances of your divorce are, it’s important to make as many smart choices as you can after you’ve figured out when to get a divorce.

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