50+ Best Proud of You Messages and Quotes

Proud of You Messages and Quotes

Are you looking for true heart touching quotes to tell someone how proud you are of them? Well, as luck would have it, this page boasts of dozens of very touching statements that can easily take care of that! Let them know that you are genuinely proud of it. This will increase their self-confidence and they will love it.

Appreciating our loved ones is mandatory. They can be your mother, father, sister-in-law or a friend.

Here are some good, proud messages from you that can help make your loved ones happy.

Proud of you, messages

There is no need to succeed every time you try to achieve something. It is normal to fail sometimes. I’m already so proud of you.

I am proud of you whatever you do in your life. Just know that I will always support you.

You make me so proud every day with your courage, your kindness and your hard work. It is a privilege to know you in this life.

Son, I’m so proud of you. Raising you has been a wonderful experience for me. I love you.

You won before you even started. I am so proud of you my friend!

To my beloved daughter, I hope you know how beautiful you are inside. I am so happy and proud of the kind-hearted woman that you have become.

I am so proud of you my love. You make me happy in a way that nobody could have ever had. You are my place forever happy.

Thanks for being my reason for bragging all the time. I’m so proud of you sister. You are a jewel.

I hope you already know how amazing you are and that you deserve all the happiness in this world. I am really proud of you.

I am really proud of you. The way you handle each challenge in your life inspires me a lot.

At this point, you kill him. I can’t say how proud I am of you brother. You are one of a million.

You are unstoppable because you do not fear failure and doubts despite having them in your life and this is what makes me proud of you.

You are a wonderful upside down human being. Be proud of who you are, don’t worry that some people will always judge you no matter what.

Proud of you Messages for girlfriend

My love, you know sometimes I have a hard time expressing my feelings. But I hope you know how much you mean to me. I can sometimes not express but I am really proud of you.

Baby, I hope you know I will always be by your side no matter what. I’m still proud of you.

Seeing you do all these things that you worked so hard for makes me so happy. You deserve all of these successes. I can’t even say how proud I am of your hard work.

I am fortunate to have you in my life and I cannot say how proud I am of you and your ranunculus successes.

Just a reminder that I will always be proud of you, whatever you do in your life. Keep chasing your dreams, baby!

You are like my World Cup trophy. Sometimes I feel like I can spend years telling others about you. I hope you understand how proud I am of you, magnificent.

Proud of you Messages for boyfriend

The way you always inspire and comfort me, I’m really grateful to have you in my life. I’m so proud of you, baby.

I know that the past few months have been so hard for you, but in the end, you achieved what you wanted. You made me the proudest girlfriend of all time.

Proud of you quotes for lovers

Sometimes it blows my mind to think how hardworking and enthusiastic you are. You have your goals and you work so hard for it. I really am from you, my love.

I am so proud to see you go from a lover to a responsible man. My heart is filled with pride to see you succeed in everything you do. I love you.

I was impressed with you for the very first time that I laid eyes on you. And since then, you’ve made me proud of almost everything you do. I love you my man.

I am that lucky person who learns a lot from you. So proud of you and best wishes on your journey to glory.

Proud of you Messages for sons

I will not tell you that I am proud of you even if I am. I’ll tell you how pleased I am to see you proud of yourself.

Dear son, you can’t even imagine what you are to me. Whatever happens, I will always love you and support you. I am really proud of you.

Never think that you are alone. Wherever you are, your parents always think of you. I’m always there when you need me. I love you and so proud of you, my son.

Dear son, follow your dream, work hard and be proud of yourself. We are proud anyway. I love you!

The future belongs to you, my dear son. Because you have made us proud since you took your first step on the ground. Believe in yourself and go for it.

We may have given you the financial and emotional support you needed, but you have given us thousands of reasons to be proud of who you are today. Thank you my son! We love you so much.

Proud of you Messages for girl

My beautiful daughter, we are always proud of you. So never get angry, do what you want. We will always have your back.

Having a daughter like you is a blessing. You always make me proud of your hard work. I love you.

So proud of my daughter

Seeing you transform into a beautiful butterfly of a pretty cocoon fills my heart with infinite joy and pride. You are the most beautiful and sensitive girl in the world. We love you darling.

If you do your best and work hard, you are already successful. You have every right to be proud of yourself.

Stop worrying about our expectations and do what your heart wants. We will always be proud of you, whatever your successes and failures dear girl.

You have come so far. You worked so hard and did everything you could to make your dreams come true. Do you have any idea how proud you are of yourself? Come on, my little girl!

Proud of you Messages for sister

Dear sister, you always inspire me and encourage me to do whatever I want. You have always helped me. I’m really lucky to have you. I’m so proud of you.

Not everyone has a sister like you. I am so blessed to have you in my life. I love you and so proud of you.

My lovely little sister, I’m so proud of you. I didn’t know how much my little sister had grown. You have become an incredible and hardworking woman.

One of the happiest and proudest moments in life is when you find the courage to let go of what you can’t change. So proud of you my strongest!

In this world, you are my favorite person and sister. I always run out of words when it comes to telling you how proud I am of you. Let him come.

Just believe in yourself and remember that we believe in you. You made us proud earlier and you will continue to do so in the future. You are the best sister we can have.

Proud of You Messages for Brother

The way you challenged yourself and achieved the things you wanted; it became an inspiration to me. I am really proud of you.

Dear brother, I will always be with you. No matter what you do, you will always be proud of me. I love you and so proud of you.

Proud Of You Brother Quotes

I just remind you that you have accomplished a lot so far and we cannot be proud enough of you, dear brother.

You have always supported me, whenever I needed you. And nothing makes me more proud than calling you my brother.

The way you have changed over the years is commendable. My heart is filled with pride at seeing you so emotionally strong and independent. Carry on.

Look, who’s been back in the game lately! Ah, my brother or who else! You make me more proud every day. Thanks for being my inspiration.

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Proud of you Messages for a friend

Dear best friend, not everyone is lucky enough to have a friend like you. I’m so proud of you because of everything you do for me.

Dear friend, I am so proud of your result. You really worked hard and you got the result you wanted. Best wishes for your future.

I know you are not good with people. You don’t like socializing very much, but still, you took up this challenge and went to the countryside. I’m so proud of you, my friend.

I haven’t had a chance to tell you this earlier but today I want to say it. I’m so proud, buddy. You have come a long way and will go further. Listen to me carefully.

You try hard, you fight hard and make us proud. You are doing better than you think. Hold on and you will be there. Good luck.

I will always be proud to call you my best friend. does not matter if our paths separate in the time to come. You will always be my companion of joy and sorrow.


Nothing can make them happier than a proud message from you. Do not spare any medium to express your feelings, whether through social networks, email, SMS or old handwritten notes, letters, etc.

Acknowledge the hard work, the struggle, the accomplishments and feel free to express your thoughts with our messages. Tell your family, friends, and partners how proud you are.

Words of encouragement always lift someone’s soul, but when you really want to say and tell your loved one how proud you are of them; nothing can beat this overwhelming feeling.

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