Heartfelt Condolence Messages, Texts and Quotes

Heartfelt Condolence Messages, Texts and Quotes

Messages of condolence : Knowing that your loved ones are struggling to lose someone in their life, also makes you sad and emotional. When our friends and family members spend their time in mourning, we can not help but become compassionate and sympathetic to them. Messages of condolence are those messages that help us to express our sympathy for our loved ones when they are going through difficult times. These messages are written in a very respectful way so that they feel good. The messages of condolence are meant to let our loved ones know that we are there for them whenever they need us.

Messages of condolence

The loss is not just yours. We all feel the same pain you are feeling today. May Almighty God give you peace and soon ease your pain. My sincerest condolences to you!

We will all pray for you and your family until the end of this time of suffering and sadness. May God give you the strength to overcome this loss.

My deepest thoughts accompany you as you go through the most difficult moments of your life. Do not lose hope. God has the best plan for each of us.

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I am deeply sorry after hearing your loss today. I want you to know that no matter what happens, I will always be with you and your family.

I know your grief is hitting him deeply, but I want you to know that I’m always on the phone when you need me. My most sincere condolences for you!

It’s a hard time for anyone to overcome. But I’m sure you will not let this grief stop you from becoming who you are. My thoughts are with you!

Your loss is irretrievable, no doubt. But you must find comfort knowing that God has perfect plans for everyone in this world.

During this difficult time, patience is one thing you should have more than anything else. Keep faith in God and know that time heals everything.

My greatest sympathy goes to you and your family. Today, your grief has touched us all. Let’s share the pain together.

Nothing can be compared to your loss today. I am deeply saddened to hear that, but I want you to know that you are never alone in bearing the burden of sorrow.

Always keep in mind that you have friends with whom to share your pain. Today, I am at your side, like every year. Accept my condolences!

We will all sincerely pray to God to relieve you and your family of this unbearable pain. May you find peace in the warmth of the love and friendship that surrounds you.

We have all gone through this discouraging period of our life. Pain weighs more than anyone can bear. But you will make me share the pain at any time.

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I hope my prayers will ease the burden and comfort you at this difficult time in your life. May you have the courage to continue in life.

Always know that you are surrounded by people who really love you and who take care of you. Do not lose hope and do not give up. Life will be beautiful again in no time.

Short condolence texts

Sorry to hear about your loss. May you find solace in the love of those around you!

Sometimes you can not have luck and get out of life, you have to fight and survive. May your loss be repaid with better rewards.

Nothing heals better than passing time. Your grief will not last forever, but your courage to go forward is going.

Short condolence texts

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The pain you feel is unthinkable for me. All I want to say is that my thoughts are always with you!

You are surrounded by good people and good friends. You are not alone in this world. Let us all share the pain for you!

Accept my condolences for your loss. May God help you through this difficult time and ease your pain.

I am so saddened by the news of your mother’s death. That she rests in peace and finds solace in her memories.

Words will never be enough to express my condolences to you. I hope you will recover as soon as possible.

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May God pour his love and attention on you as you go through the most difficult time of your life. My most sincere condolences for you!

He may not see him in front of you anymore, but he will always be able to see where he is. TEAR!

Messages of condolences for friends

You have been a great friend of mine. Today’s loss is just as bad as yours. That she rests in peace in the most peaceful place of this universe.

I know you are not in the mood to read all these words of sympathy. But just know that you have a friend who is also saddened by the loss.

She was more than a mother of one of my friends. For me, she was just like my own mother. His death is a loss for both of us. May she rest in peace.

Messages of condolences for friends

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My greatest sympathy goes to you. Today, we are crying together because we both have lost a very special person in our lives. TEAR!

It’s difficult for me to imagine the pain you are going through. Just know that I’m always there if you need a shoulder to cry and a friend to trust.

Your father was a man of honor and great virtues. He may not be in this world anymore, but his actions will always speak of his nobility.

A person may die, but their memories will remain unchanged and not faded. Find comfort in the good memories you had with her. That she rests in peace forever!

Death is the most certain of anything that can happen to anyone. Yet we can not help feeling sad when a loved one takes us. Accept my condolences!

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Sharing good times does not make good friends. A friend becomes a part of life when he is there to share our sorrows. My friend, you are not alone today!

Because I’m calling a friend of yours, I’ve chosen to laugh when you’re laughing and crying when you’re crying. May God be kind to you in these difficult times.

Quotes of condolences

Those we love and lose are always connected by chains from the heart to the infinite. – Terri Guillemets

What is beautiful never dies, but passes into another beauty, star dust or sea foam, flower or winged air. – Thomas Bailey Aldrich

The memory of the good done to those we have loved is the only consolation when we have lost them. – Demoustier

Quotes of condolences from the Bible

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When you lose someone you love, you win an angel you know. – Unknown

Like a bird singing in the rain, let grateful memories survive at the moment of sorrow. – Robert Louis Stevenson

When the heart is sorry for what he’s lost, the spirit rejoices that he stays. – Sufi Epigram

A great soul serves everyone all the time. A great soul never dies. It brings us together again and again. – Maya Angelou

Tears are a gift from God for us. Our holy water. They heal us as they flow. – Rita Schiano

The sun, the moon, the wind, the stars will always be there to remind you of the love you have shared and the peace it has finally found. – Unknown

Grief is a fruit. God does not make him grow up on limbs too weak to bear. – Victor Hugo

Happy are those who cry, for they will be comforted. – Matthew 5: 4

God is our refuge and our strength, a very present help in the problems. – Psalm 46: 1

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Our best collection of messages of condolence will help you express your sympathy for those who have just lost a very special person in their lives. You can use these messages of condolence in sympathy cards with flowers. You can even send them as a text message. These messages will help your loved ones find comfort in your support and love. They will know how much they represent for you. These messages of condolence will make them feel brave and encourage them to progress in life.

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