Radio Ramadan 2022 Listen Live All Stations

Radio Ramadan 2022 Listen Live All Stations

The cities that have a greater number of the Muslim population are also managing their individual Radio Ramadan stations. These stations do Islamic broadcasts including a variety of program on Ramadan Nasheed, Recitation of the Holy Quran, Islamic History, live Islamic discussions, and discussions with Muslim professional.

Purpose of Radio Ramadan stations is to help people to spend the month according to the teachings of Islam, provide the guidance to attain purification of mind, body, and soul which gives the spiritual strength for the next 11 months.

Here is the List of Live Ramadan Shows

In this approaching Ramadan, this station will again be broadcasting for 24 hours during the Ramadan period.

Cities of the UK that operates Radio Ramadan Stations

The radio stations that are broadcasting in the UK during Ramadan are listed below in a table:


Radio Bradford Live

87.7FM: Visit Website

Ramadan Radio Blackburn


Radio Edinburgh


Newcastle Upon Tyne Radio


Ramadan Radio Ramadan Keighley


Radio Ramadhan Stoke on Trent


Ramjan Radio Leyton


Radio Ramzan Sheffield (87.7FM)


Oldham (87.7FM) Radio


Radio Glasgow (87.7FM)


Hounslow (87.7FM) Radio


Radio Ramdan High Wycombe

88. 3FM

Ramadhan Radio Milton Keynes


Manchester Radio Live

87.7 FM

Radio Slough Listen Live


Leicester Radio


Radio Leeds


Radio Ramadan Glasgow Listen LIVE

Radio Ramadan Glasgow has completed its 21 years of broadcasting. The station has secured a great place due to community engagement, broadcasting a variety of programs to bring the real spirit of Ramadan up.

In 2019, the donations of citizens made it possible for the station to build a water and power plant in Pakistan, and an Ultrasound Machine was provided to the people of Gaza.

In 2019, due to the generous funding of people, a water tanker was provided to the people of Gaza.

North Ark is the group which is operating Radio Ramadan has now obtained the license of permanent community radio. Due to this great news, the station could broadcast for every day in a whole year including Ramadan Kareem.

Ramadan Radio Manchester

Radio Ramadan Manchester is all prepared up to broadcast in the upcoming Ramadan Kareem. The station produces and delivers quality programs in Ramadan Kareem on Islamic topics, live discussion to guide youth, and spread knowledge of Islam by the informative programs on Quran and Hadith.

Different interviews of famous Islamic scholars and particular program for people of each age group such as programs related to kids, females, and youth are broadcasted on each day of Ramadan Kareem.

Radio Ramzan Hounslow

Just like the other stations, THE Radio Ramadan Hounslow station is also a good source to target Muslim audience in Hounslow.

This Radio Station broadcast live programs over a wide range of themes including programs on Islamic heritage to current Affairs. The most interesting thing about this station is that you can listen to it online on its official website.

You can also find the social media pages of the Hounslow Ramadan Radio station to listen and watch live programs online.

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