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20 Muharram Quotes, Wishes and Status Ideas With Images

Muharram is the first month of the Islamic lunar calendar and it is marked with the events that took place with “Aal-e- Muhammad (P.B.U.H) ” in the battleground of Karbala. This whole month is specifically observed by Shia Muslims as they start mourning from the 1st of Muharram and then it climaxes on the 10th […]

16 Islamic Quotes On Hypocrisy, Its Types, Signs & Dangers

Hypocrisy in Islam. Islam is the religion of peace and a believer is the one who puts his complete trust in his creator and stays firm on his Imaan. He behaves in public the way he does in private as he has nothing to hide from his companions and his faithfulness is for Allah SWT only. […]

25 Islamic Wedding Invitation Card Designs For Muslims

Muslim Wedding Invitation Designs. Marriage is one of the most beautiful relationships, bonding two souls for a lifetime. While a wedding is the most memorable occasion of a person’s life, right? So, to make the wedding ceremony joyous and the marriage indelible, inviting the guests is mandatory for which you need seamlessly designed wedding invite-cards. Since […]

22 Inspirational Islamic Quotes On Tabligh And Dawah

Complete Quotes on Tabligh and Dawah in Islam. Tabligh is the way of conveying Allah’s message. The message of Allah SWT is that He is the only one and there’s worthy of worship but Him only. Allah SWT sent His messengers to every nation in order to guide them. Muhammad PBUH is the Last Prophet sent […]

Status of Teachers In Islam- 12 Islamic Quotes For Teachers

Status of Teachers in Islam. A teacher is the person who not only shapes you but also grooms you, looks after you, teaches you everything you need to know and loves you like your own parents. Not only the society but also our religion, Islam, emphasizes on the importance of teachers. Since our religion Islam focuses […]

The 10 Most Beautiful Sunnah To Follow In Daily Life

Sunnah To Follow In Daily Life. Sunnah is the body of sayings and teachings of Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH. To follow Sunnah is to act upon those sayings and teachings. Sunnah is the way to live life for a devout Muslim. It not only helps us in this world, but it also helps in the hereafter […]

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