Status of Teachers In Islam- 12 Islamic Quotes For Teachers

teacher quotes in islam

Status of Teachers in Islam. A teacher is the person who not only shapes you but also grooms you, looks after you, teaches you everything you need to know and loves you like your own parents. Not only the society but also our religion, Islam, emphasizes on the importance of teachers.

Since our religion Islam focuses on the importance of teachers so much, therefore, we have combined a list of the best Islamic quotes on teachers to make the topic more elaborative and clear.

Islamic Quotes On Teachers

Want to know what a teacher actually does? Read on to find out.

  • A teacher is the person who grooms a child and makes his/her personality.
  • The teacher acts as a mentor and builds a friendly class environment.
  • A teacher helps the child to resolve problems when the child himself couldn’t.
  • A teacher acts as a role model and is a good influence on children.

↓ 12 – The Prophet’s Profession

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islamic quotes on teachers

↓ 11 – Responsibility Of Teachers By Prophet Mohammad

According to the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), it is the responsibility of the teacher to ensure fairness in his dealings with the students. This means that the teacher should not discriminate or give preference to one student over another on the basis of materialistic parameters like their social status.

teachers in islam

↓ 10 – Impact of Teachers on Students

According to Islamic teachings, teachers are really important in one’s life. From helping the children find the strength to teaching them to overpower the demons and conquering the fears, everything is taught by a teacher. Not only the Islamic scholars but our Prophet (PBUH) also clarified the significance of a teacher in one’s life.

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↓ 9 – Teachers Change Lives

The role of a teacher is really significant in Islam. The prophets, as well as Allah, teach us to be obedient and listen to our teachers in order to be successful in life. Teachers are those people who are not kings themselves but makes others kings. This means if the student is obedient and respects his or her teachers, Allah assists him in achieving his or her goals. This is the main reason why we should always respect our teachers and pay attention to what he or she says. Our teachers, our educators, and our masters make us what we dream about. They tell us the difference between the right and the wrong. So, it is our duty to respect them and do as they say.

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↓ 8 – Rights Of Teachers 

According to different quotes in Islam, a teacher is the person who shapes the personality, opens one’s mind and guides him or her towards the right path, in short, a teacher helps in molding the person’s personality as well as the character. Teachers play the most significant role in a student’s life. Starting from a really young age, a teacher grasps the student’s finger and takes him or her to the point where he or she is successful. Doctor, engineers, scientists, astronauts and politicians etc. all achieve their dreams due to the politeness, strictness, punishments, and love of their teachers. Not only this, but our educators also help in shaping our personality and making us a better person.

islamic quotes on teachers

↓ 7 – Teacher Teaches Every Profession 

A teacher himself is only a teacher but has the capacity to teach us everything. Whether it is science, mathematics, arts or any other subject, the teacher is the one who puts us in one single direction. According to the Islamic scholar’s quotes, teaching is mainly the kind of profession which teaches every other profession. This means that every person becomes what he wants by the efforts of his or her teacher. No matter you are a doctor or an engineer, you’ll always need a teacher who takes your hand and guide you towards the right path. Do have a look at these Top 15 Islamic Books Every Muslim Should Read in 2021.

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↓ 6 – Respect Your Teachers 

Islam teaches us to respect our teachers, listen to them and be dutiful. Why? Well, there are several reasons; they help you learn, they care and love you like parents, treat you like their own, be a little harsh just so can stay away from the wrongdoings and mold you into a better person. Allah gives teachers the second highest rank after our parents because they are the reason we learn and be what we want to be.

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↓ 5 – History is a Teacher

According to Imam Ali (AS), history is the best teacher. It teaches us where we went wrong so we can avoid it in the future. It is a clarified fact that if the mistakes of history are neglected, the history will repeat itself. This is the main reason why Islam teaches us to take lessons from history in order to protect our future. Here are Top 16 Islamic Universities in the World 2020 Ranking.

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↓ 4 – Teacher Lights The Way For The Student

There are several quotes on teachers in Islam. Islam tells us how our teachers consume themselves to pave the way for his or her students. A good teacher is the one who will put in an effort no matter what the situation is and light the way for her students in every situation and circumstance.

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↓ 3 – Value of Teacher

Teachers are greatly valued in Islam. Not only our Prophet (S.A.W) but his companions preached to value and obey our teachers as well. According to a hadith, everything in this world is cursed, except the one who helps in remembrance of Allah. Thus, a teacher is the person who helps us remember Allah, therefore he or she needs to be valued like we value our parents.

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↓ 2 – Importance of Teacher Quote By Hazrat Ali

The importance of teachers cannot be mentioned in a word, or a paragraph or even an essay. This is how important a teacher is. According to the Islamic teaching anyone who conveys a single good message become a teacher to the other person. This is why it is necessary to spread good and help people remember Allah. According to Hazrat Ali (RA) a teacher is so important that even if he or she conveys a single message the student owes him or her his lifetime

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↓ 1 – Status of Teacher In Hadith

Prophet (S.A.W) emphasized on the status of a teacher himself. He (S.A.W) not only himself guided people to respect their teachers, scholars and educators but respected and valued the teachers himself as well. According to him even if someone prayed a thousand rak’ats, the sleep of a scholar will still be superior. This is the main reason why Islam focuses and emphasizes on the respect of teachers so much. And it is our duty as a Muslim to respect, value and obey our teachers to earn Heaven (Jannah) ultimately.

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