The 10 Most Beautiful Sunnah To Follow In Daily Life

The 10 Most Beautiful Sunnah To Follow In Daily Life

Sunnah To Follow In Daily Life. Sunnah is the body of sayings and teachings of Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH. To follow Sunnah is to act upon those sayings and teachings. Sunnah is the way to live life for a devout Muslim.

It not only helps us in this world, but it also helps in the hereafter as well. To follow Sunnah is obligatory on a Muslim. Whoever follows it, follows Allah SWT.


Sunnah to follow in daily life (25)

↓ 1- Bismillah

The Quran opens with Surah Fatiha which starts with Bismillah Hirrahman Nirraheem. Every Surah in Quran, but Surah Tawbah, start with Bismillah which puts emphasis in its recitation. The rewards of Bismillah are great as for every letter 4000 sins are forgiven.

Bismillah hir Rahman Nirraheem is the beginning of anything and everything. It is recited before eating, drinking or doing a permissible task. Prophet Muhammad PBUH would always recite ‘Bismillah’ before doing anything as it puts Barakah in the work. He would write letters opening with Bismillah and have written the Treaty of Hudaibiya starting with the blessed words of Bismillah. When we recite the blessed words of Bismillah, we accept that we as humans are weak and need His help in every matter. The act that is carried out without these blessed words, it remains incomplete. Here are 10 Personality Traits Of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Every Muslim Must Know.

Sunnah to follow in daily life (17)

↓ 2- The Sunnah Of Sleeping

Sleeping is similar to death. We should seek Allah’s refugee and repent for our sins before going to sleep as we don’t know if we would be able to open our eyes to live one more day.

Prophet Muhammad PBUH would praise Allah SWT before sleeping. We should look up to his way of sleeping and act on his Sunnah.

Sunnah to follow in daily life (6)

Sleeping After Isha: 

Prophet Muhammad PBUH would bid farewell to his companions after Isha and come back to his home to sleep.

Wudhu Before Sleeping

It is advised to do wudhu before sleeping to stay in the state of purity. While sleeping, our soul rises to the throne of Allah and if we are in a state of wudhu, our souls will be allowed to make Sajdah to Allah SWT. It also protects us from having bad dreams or nightmares.

Dhikr of Allah before Sleeping

Prophet Muhammad PBUH would always recite duas and make dhikr of Allah SWT before sleeping. While sleeping, an angel and Shaytaan enter the bed, the shaytan wants the awakening to be evil while the angel wants it to be good. But whoever recites duas and does dhikr, he would get the reward equal to praying Salah and doing Dhikr till he wakes up.

Sleeping on the Right Side 

Our Prophet Muhammad PBUH would always sleep on his right side, with the right hand under his right cheek. He would never lay on his stomach and would get upset if sees someone sleeping in such a position. He described such position (laying on one ’s stomach) as the position of the people from Hell.

Supplications before Sleep 

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH would never go to sleep without his routine supplications. He would recite Ayat ul Kursi and 3 kuls. He would also recite the Dua of sleeping

Sunnah to follow in daily life (10)


↓ 3- The Sunnah of Waking Up

Waking up alive and well is a blessing from Allah SWT. Upon waking up, one should remember Allah, be thankful to Him for one more day to live and think about spending the day in the His remembrance and follow the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Rubbing the Palms on Face

Upon waking up, Prophet Muhammad PBUH would rub his eyes and face with his palm in order to decrease the effect of sleep.

Abulution and Miswak upon Waking Up

Upon waking up, it is Sunnah to perform ablution and put water inside the nose to brush off the traces of Shaytan as he comes inside the nose. Our Prophet Muhammad PBUH would use Miswak to brush his teeth.

Making the Bed

It is Sunnah to make the bed after waking up and clean it properly. If it’s left unmade, shaytan grabs the chance to sleep over it.

‘’The Messenger of Allah (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) has stated that, “Where there is bedding laid out upon which no-one is sleeping, then the Shaytan sleeps on it.”

Praying After Waking Up

It is Sunnah to pray to remember Allah and pray after waking up. Staying asleep and missing the Salah of fajar makes Shaytan happy as he stays at the end of the bed while a person is asleep. When a person gets up and prays Salah, shaytan leaves the bed and the person spends the whole day in peace.

Sunnah to follow in daily life (8)

Supplication of Waking up

Sunnah to follow in daily life (26)


↓ 4- The Sunnah of Abulution

Abulution is to cleanse oneself physically before offering Salah. It not only cleanses one physically but also spiritually. Abulution is the way to gain rewards from Allah SWT. Whoever performs ablution in the right way, following the Sunnah, His body parts will shine on the day of judgment.

Sunnah to follow in daily life (29)


There are obligatory parts of Abulution or Wudu which are described by Allah SWT Himself. That includes

1) Washing the hands first

2) Washing the face  including mouth and nose

3) Washing the hands will elbow

4) Wiping the head with wet hands

5) Washing the feet till ankles

Sunnah of Abulution :

1) Reciting Bismillah. Abd-Allah ibn Mas’ud narrated that according to Prophet Muhammad,

“Whoever begins ablution by reciting ‘Bismillah…’ will have his entire self cleansed and purified. Else only those parts will be cleaned and purified which are normally washed during ablution.”

2)  To wash the hands ‘three times’ before starting wudu as according to Prophet Muhammad PBUH, hands are the way to cleanse the other parts of the body.

2) Using Miswak to cleanse the mouth before reciting Allah’s praises.

3) Washing one’s face ‘three times’, gargling ‘three times’ and blowing water inside the nose ‘three times’

4) Washing hands till elbow ‘three times’

5) Doing Massah (Wiping one’s head) with wet hands and wiping the fingers.

6) Washing the feet till ankles three times and rubbing between the fingers according to Sunnah.

Al-Mustaurid bin Shaddad Stated,

“I saw the Messenger of Allah (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) rubbing between his toes with his little finger when he performed ablution.” (Tirmidhi)

Sunnah to follow in daily life (28)


↓ 5- Sunnah of Eating and Drinking

Our Deen has described each and everything for our convenience. Prophet Muhammad PBUH has told eating and drinking habits which are to be followed by us as Muslims. Do have a look at these 50+ Inspirational Quotes of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) & Sayings.

Eating Habits

1) Bismillah or supplication of starting eating should be recited first

‘’He who does not recite ‘Bismillah’ before eating, that food becomes lawful for the devil.” (Muslim)

2) Food should be eaten with the right hand as it’s the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad PBUH

‘’Eat with the right hand and drink with the right hand and take with the right hand and give with the right hand. This is because the devil eats with the left hand and drinks with the left hand and gives with the left hand and takes with the left hand.” (Ibn Majah)

3) Heads should be covered while eating

4) The food should be chewed properly

5) One shouldn’t point out flaws or pass bad comments about the food.

6) The food should be taken from the closest side of the bowl.

7) One shouldn’t blow over the food

8) If a morsel falls on the ground, it is Sunnah to pick it up, clean and eat it

9) Alhamdulillah should be recited after eating the food

10) Hands should be washed thoroughly before and after eating the food

Sunnah to follow in daily life (8)


Drinking Habits 

1) One should drink from his right hand

2) One should sit and drink. According to a Hadith;

“Do not drink water standing up, if you do it by mistake and you remember then vomit it out. (Muslim)

3) Drink water in three breaths

4) Start drinking water by reciting ‘Bismillah.’ And finish it with ‘Allhamdulillah’

Sunnah to follow in daily life (17)


↓ 6- The Sunnah of Leaving and Entering the House

There are ways that should be followed while entering or leaving the house and we as Muslims should make them a part of our lives.

1) Recite the following Dua while entering the house

Sunnah to follow in daily life (6)


2) Saying Salam to those who are already present in the house

3) if you’re going to someone’s house, three knocks should be made at the door.

4) One shouldn’t slam or shut the door loudly

5) Entering the house gently. Our prophet would enter the house in such a gentle manner if someone is asleep so that he doesn’t wake up

6) Announcing the presence to those who are already inside the house.

7) Using Miswak upon entering your house as it’s Sunnah.

8) Seeking permission while entering the house or any room

9) One shouldn’t peek from the hole or remove the veil. He should stand at the right or left side. According to a Hadith

’’Whosoever before gaining permission moves the veil and looks into the house, he has done such a thing which was not permissible’’

10) Reciting the following Dua while leaving the house

Sunnah to follow in daily life (7)


↓ 7- Sunnah of Entering and Leaving Bathroom 

Our Prophet Muhammad PBUH has also described manners for using the toilet. Which should be followed as a Muslim. The Sunnah of using a toilet is as follows

1) One should enter with his left foot

2) The following Dua should he recited while entering

Sunnah to follow in daily life (29)


3) Our heads should be covered as our Prophet Muhammad PBUH would put on his shoes and cover his head upon entering the toilet

4) Anything which has Allah’s name inscribed on it shouldn’t be taken to the toilet

5) Only the left hand should be used to clean cleanse oneself after relieving

6) As Muslims, we should be using water to cleanse oneself, without it, we would be unclean

7) One shouldn’t face Qiblah while using the toilet

8) A person should leave the toilet with right foot in the front.

↓ 8- Wear a Pleasant Smile

Smiling is a beautiful sunnah of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. He would always smile and welcome people in the circle of Islam with his beautiful and blessed smile. Today, science has proved many positive results with smiling as it relieves stress and lifts up our moods. Here are Top 12 Islamic History Books Every Muslim Must Read.

Our prophet Muhammad PBUH considered smiling at other Muslim brothers a charity.

Sunnah to follow in daily life (26)

↓ 9- Using Miswak

Miswak is a twig or a stick used to clean one’s mouth. Our Prophet Muhammad PBUH would use Miswak every day. It’s his Sunnah to use it after waking up, during wudu. He would come to the home and use Miswak. It can also be used while fasting.

Sunnah to follow in daily life (15)

↓ 10- Visiting the Sick

Visiting the sick is very encouraged in Islam. Prophet Muhammad PBUH would visit sick and give blessings to him. According to Prophet Muhammad, one of the five duties of a Muslim is to visit a sick. It is sunnah that one can even visit a Kaafir for his Iyyadah. But the time period should be brief so that the sick does not get disturbed.

Sunnah to follow in daily life (24)

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