how to raise good muslim kids

15 Islamic Parenting Tips & Quotes On How To Raise Children

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Islamic ways of raising children. Raising your child rightly is the first and foremost duty of the parents. To raise your kids in accordance with Islam is very important. “O you, who have believed, protect yourselves and your families from…
depression in islam

16 Islamic Ways To Deal With Depression, Stress & Anxiety

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Stress & Depression In Islam. Stress and depression are two of the most common illnesses in our society. It can be defined as a situation that causes physical, mental and emotional worry. From 12 year old to 60 years old, most of the people…
best muslim singers

Top 10 Muslim Hamd & Naat Singers With Most Soulful Voice

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Top Muslim Hamd & Naat Singers. Hamd and naat structure a melodic classification that highlights religious Hamds and Naats adulating Allah (God) and the Prophet Muhammad separately. Generally, Islamic music has been restricted to the human…
muharram wishes and status images

20 Muharram Quotes, Wishes and Status Ideas With Images

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Muharram is the first month of the Islamic lunar calendar and it is marked with the events that took place with “Aal-e- Muhammad (P.B.U.H) ” in the battleground of Karbala. This whole month is specifically observed by Shia Muslims as they…
16 Islamic Quotes On Hypocrisy, Its Types, Signs & Dangers

16 Islamic Quotes On Hypocrisy, Its Types, Signs & Dangers

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Hypocrisy in Islam. Islam is the religion of peace and a believer is the one who puts his complete trust in his creator and stays firm on his Imaan. He behaves in public the way he does in private as he has nothing to hide from his companions…
lessons from quran

10 Most Beautiful Life Lessons from the Quran

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Life Lessons from Qur’an. Qur’an, being the holy book of Muslims teaches us numerous life-altering lessons. Each parah, surah, and verse has its own unique meaning and message for us Muslims to take life guidance from. It is not only a…
islamic quotes on kindness

10 Best Islamic Quotes on Kindness (Kindness In Islam)

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Islamic Quotes on Kindness. Kindness is a pearl of the heart; without it, the heart is just an empty shell. Kindness is considered as one of the most adored and idolized qualities of a good character. Since love, kindness, care, and affection…
Islamic Messages About Life, Inspiration & Hard Times

Islamic Messages About Life, Inspiration & Hard Times

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Islamic messages: Allah created us. Allah wrote in the Quran how we should live on the earth. In this worldly life, we should follow the Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). We should all have a religious spirit. We should believe Allah and…
what does surah yusuf teach

16 Beautiful Lessons From Surah Yusuf

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Lessons from Surah Yusuf. Surah Yusuf was revealed to Prophet Muhammad PBUH during the year of sorrow (aam-ul- huzn.) This was known as the year of regret because Prophet Muhammad PBUH lost his beloved wife Hazrat Khadijah and his uncle Abu…
muslim wedding invitation cards

25 Islamic Wedding Invitation Card Designs For Muslims

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Muslim Wedding Invitation Designs. Marriage is one of the most beautiful relationships, bonding two souls for a lifetime. While a wedding is the most memorable occasion of a person’s life, right? So, to make the wedding ceremony joyous…
arrogance in islam

23 Quotes About Arrogance And Pride In The Light Of Islam

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Quotes about arrogance and pride in Islam. Arrogance is to think low of others and consider oneself above them. Arrogance corrupts a person’s soul and his heart. It damages relationships and leaves a person empty-handed. In Islam, arrogance…
Best Islamic History Books (3)

Top 12 Islamic History Books Every Muslim Must Read

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Best books on History of Islam. Islam is the second largest religion in the world with 1.8 Billion Muslims worldwide. How did the Islam Religion Began? How was it started? Who is the father of Islamic history? How did Islam spread? Who brought…